Daubs & Dashes

Save the Date

Georgia Crawford

Daubs & Dashes are very excited to be exhibiting at The Happily Ever After Creative Wedding Fair on Sunday 12th March 2017. Come and see us at Brighton Racecourse to view some of our new  products first hand. 

Have a wedding coming up? We now take commissions and can create a beautiful bespoke silk scarf wrap, to perfectly pair with your outfit or wedding dress. We specialise in painting  landscapes & seascapes, and can depict your desired location across the entire scarf. Worn open, as a wrap they showcase their imagery. While worn as a scarf they become a beautiful abstract blend of colours & texture.  

Don't forget we also offer our Personalisation service, allowing you to add a spacial date, a poem,  vows or your new name to your scarf. The options are endless. 


Our First Pop-Up Shop

Georgia Crawford

We are excited to announce the launch of our first pop-up shop. 

Come along to the beautiful Cameron Contemporary Art Gallery and see our beautiful scarves up close! Compare their intricate differences, brush marks and textures & choose your favourite. We will be surrounded by the galleries current print exhibition;  which includes a variety of colourful monotypes, wood block prints & solar etching. 


Georgia Crawford

Mostyn Gallery

Mostyn's is a large gallery in Wales (u.k) it has facinating, ever changing exhibitions, an events space, shop, community programme and even ninjas! What more could we ask for... maybe a set of those stunning show windows will do the trick.

They have been an absolute pleasure to work with! 

Check out our silk scarves beautifully displayed in their shop and while your there, the 'In-sight 10' Exhibition is taking place in their Gallery Cafe and offers a fantastic mix of colour, styles & emotions. All created by artists from North Wales.

(18 September - 29 January 2017)


Georgia Crawford

As you may know, this seasons A/W collection was inspired by ICELAND. An absolutely breathtaking, vast, pre-historic island. I was lucky enough to travel around the country over a year ago now (it was actually our honeymoon adventure) and from the many drawings, painting and photographs taken out there the designs you see in the collection were created, based on the different town and regions we visited. 

One of those destinations was VIK, a gorgeous little town in southern Iceland. It has a quaint church at the top of the hill where we were lucky enough to see the Northern Lights in all their green glory. Then along, down the hill is the most incredible volcanic black beach, with unusual rock formations, caves and rough sea. I could have stayed there all day, hunting for fossils, climbing rocks and watching the puffins fly above.

It was the inspiration to our VIK scarf design. Deep autumn reds to reflect how the those rocks may have once looked, golden shimmers and icy blues set the tone.

Vvik pic.png