Daubs & Dashes

Hand Painting Elegant Silk Scarves For The Style Conscious & Art Curious Individual. 


Handmade in Britain

Georgia Elliott is a British artist inspired by travel, seascapes & vast landscapes. She specialises in hand painting contemporary scenes onto pure silk, creating works of art you can wear.

As an Illustration graduate from The University for the Creative Arts, Georgia was was always keen to experiment with new crafts and techniques.                 After her Nan taught her the traditional practice of silk painting, Georgia developed her own unique print method which allows the scarves to be washed. 

Each scarf is individually hand painted using natural inks.


Why Organic Silk?

We are often asked what the difference is between organic and 'normal' silk, well the answer is, no nasty chemicals. 

In a similar process to farming, organic silk production means that no harsh chemicals, pesticides or insecticides have been used in the production of the silk fibres and in producing the finished fabric. Fantastic news for the environment, production workers & your skin. 

 Our silk is certified with GOTS quality (Global Organic Textiles Standard). We believe that supporting fair wages & treatment of workers is essential to growing a sustainable & honest future for the fashion industry. Click here if you would like to learn more about GOTS. 

We are proud to be using UK suppliers for our Stationary - Packaging - Fair-trade Silk - Natural Inks

The Name

The name Daubs & Dashes was borrowed from two painting terms. Together they summarise the process of our image making.

Daub: to smear a surface, usually with paint or plaster.    Dash: to apply roughly, as by splashing.

Practical Luxury

It was important that our scarves were both elegant & functional for modern living. 

- Hand wash & iron. No dry cleaners necessary!

- Individually hand painted making each one completely unique

- Finished with hand rolled hems & our trademark stamp

- Made from the finest fair-trade organic silk 

- Handmade in England