Daubs & Dashes

What our Customer Said...

Absolutely gorgeous scarves- I love the uniqueness of them, fabulous- thank you so much
— Lisa Baker
The scarf has arrived and I do absolutely love it ! It’s gorgeous. Good luck with your business, I am sure it will be a great success.
— Elinor Panish
Like owning your own little piece of artwork!
— Lia Musson
I just received my first order from your website. The order process was easy and a pleasure to use. Finally, when I received your product, it demonstrated you professionalism, personal touch and quality of product and packaging - you have a winning style. Love your scarves.
—  Mike O’Sullivan
Excellent service and great quality products! Fantastic customer service! Highly recommend - what a great business!
— Dannie Shepherd
Today everything seems to be printed and copied. The beauty of these scarves is that I know I’m wearing someone totally unique!
— Amelia Frances
The beautiful hand painted scarves in a lovely array of colours make an exceptionally unique product!
— Stacey Hebditch
Just an amazing idea. Great quality and a special unique product
— Zoe Williams
Gorgeous products - so unique and individual! Would highly recommend!
— Vicky Slatter
Very pleased... excellent quality, incredible detail and backed up by amazing service.
— Russell Endecotte